Installation & Hanging Instructions

Looking to purchase one of our mirrors and want more information on how to hang it?
Threw out your packaging and with it your instructions?

No problem, we have you covered! Check out our comprehensive list of current installation instructions below:

Demister Instructions

Hidden Fixing Instructions (for use on a range of hidden fixing mirrors including polished, bevelled, circles, ovals, nero & oscuro mirrors)

Holes and Domes Instructions

Silicon Bonding (Glue Fitting) Instructions (for mirrors and splashbacks)

Strap Mirror Instructions

Spring Loaded Clips Instructions

Slide and Grip Clips Instructions

Mirror Tile Instructions

MET Aluminium Track Instructions

MAG2X2 Magification Mirror

MAGLIGHT215 Lighted Magnification Mirror - Mains Powered

MAGLIGHT195 Lighted Magification Mirror - Battery Powered

Mirror Infra Red Heater


Notes: We recommend a qualified person installs the mirror.  Any/All electrical work (Demister & LED mirrors) must to be carried out by a qualified electrician.