Splashback FAQs

Can I get this splashback in another size or custom made to size?

Both Kitchen & Bathroom Splashbacks have a range of standard sizes and both can be custom made to size.


Can I have a colour different from your colour range?

Yes, you can have any Resene or Dulux colour.


I have a Plug/Powerpoint where I want my splashback.

This isn't a problem.  You will need to order a custom made splashback instead of a standard, standard splashback's are toughened and cannot be cut or resized.  The plug cut out must be a minimum of 50mm from any given edge of the splashback or any other plug.  


Do I need toughened glass?

If you have a gas hob, yes, it is required by law.  If you are putting a splashback into your bathroom or laundry it is not always required but recommended for high use spaces where they might get easily damaged.  


Is there a difference in the colour of the glass?

Yes there are 2 different types of glass typically used for splashbacks, Normal Clear Glass and Ultra Clear Glass.  If you want a light colour, matching an existing colour or want the true Resene or Dulux colour you need to use the Ultra Clear Glass.  If you are using a darker colour or not too worried then you can use the Normal Clear Glass.  Still not sure?  If you tell us the name of your colour we can look it up and give you a recommendation.


Glass Difference Visual for website v2

The above picture shows the difference in the glass colour using the same white paint.  Notice how the Normal Clear Glass has a green hue but the Ultra Clear Glass is white.  


Need some help measuring your splashback? 

Check out this helpful flyer:   Custom Splashback Technical Information